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Hot start recall

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I just checked on dodge site to see if I had any recalls, and the only one showing is "HOT START ENGINE CRANKING". It says it was issued Wednesday (11/11/09)
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Customer Satisfaction Notification J21 actually superceeds RRT-09-019, which
deals with the Hot Start/No Start issue but incorporates and additional
TRANSMISSION ground cable as well as the NEG battery ground cable
replacement and a higher CCA (730) battery.

There are some things to note about this and some dealers.

If they do not replace the correct battery type (same CCA) with the
vented one, you will have a dangerous situation. So, when done you
need to check/verify that the VENT TUBE is in fact attached to the
battery and the battery has the vent tube on it. Some dealers in their
haste to do this upgrade have replaced the battery with the wrong type.
Some owners have found their vent tube hanging loose in the trunk and
no where to attach it after battery replacement?

An improperly vented battery will create an explosion hazard.

Also, if in their haste to do this (battery change) they excessively ARC the
NEG battery terminal, they could damage your MYGIG and/or RADIO
so pull the fuse prior to having them work on the vehicle. ( Note:TSB-08-003-09).
There is NO STEP to do this in the CNS J21 maintenance procedure!??
Great cross-referencing Chrylser.

Also, if in their haste to do this upgrade, they remove the NEG post off
of the battery before 30 seconds have passed after IGN=OFF mode, you
just might get a bunch of EVAP DTC codes set when you crank the car
back up and they won't want to reset. This might confuse the tech's and
they might want to REPLACE YOUR PCM?!? Just have them wait about a
minute after turning the vehicle OFF to pulling the NEG post off the battery.

So In short, pull your Radio fuse and check on the vent tube attachment.

For those who might not be aware of which fuse, where this is;

Fuse 36, 20A YELLOW.
Rear Electrical Distribution Center (Trunk), R/T and SRT8

Picture at link below:

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