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DIY - Paint Custom Paint Your Rims! Red Lip (Lots of Pictures)
DIY - Paint Custom Paint Your Rims! Red Lip

Lets see first things first lets see your supplies. Your going to need the following:

1.) 4 Cans of You choice Paint (I choose Engine paint due to its durability)
2.) 2-3 Cans of Primer (white is the best)
3.) 400 Grit Sandpaper
4.) 1 Roll of masking tape
5.) Flash Cards Optional
6.) Safety Gear

Now we start off with our stock car:

I did my back ones first because I already did the front but anyways jack up your car in the back and have 2 jack stands put one on each side in the correct spot in between the 2 notches:

-Go ahead now at take off your rims and clean them. Wash with soap and water wheel cleaner whatever it takes to get them clean after you do that wash them one more time with soap and water to make sure there is no chemicals on the wheels.

-Next thing to do is get your 400 grit sand paper and start sanding (use water to avoided wasting alot of sand paper) sand everything make sure its a little ruff if you miss a spot don't worry but try your best to get all the surface area at least

-Next thing to do is get the flash cards or if you don't want to use flash cards just use tape and tape up the tire.

-Put on your safety mask

-Now I messed up and didn't tape down the flash cards I was trying something different and the flash cards just fell over and were moving just really annoying so I went back and put tape down the side of the tire then put flash cards after.

-Start painting your rim with primer thin coats are good but i just charged it with thick coats just thick enough but not to thick so that it wouldnt drip. Your going to do about 3 coats of primer on each rim or just enough to cover up all of the rim. After each coat give it about 10-15 mins to dry.

-After the primer is all dry give it a about 20-25 Mins after the last coat of primer just to make sure its dry. Also lightly touch it to make sure it is in fact dry. After it is dry you can sand it down a little if you want or if you have any bubbles. I didnt have any bubbles so i just went ahead to the next step which is painting. Get your can of paint that you decided on I chose low gloss black. On the color paint make sure you do light coats. use a whole can of paint on each wheel and make sure you get all the hidden spots. leave 15 mins in between each coat. Doing about 4-5 coats.

-This is what it'll look like after your done with your can of paint:

Now I was debating on whether to do this part or not cause I like how my car is unique to everyone elses but I guess I'm over it so here it is.

Red Lip

-After your paint has dried for at least 30mins and is not sticky at all anymore go ahead and start taping around the inside of the lip on the rim like this:

-After you have done that now we need to go ahead and cover the inside of the rim to make sure we don't get any paint on the inside of the rim. I used a folded newspaper and taped around the edges where there were open spots:

-Now after you have it all taped up make sure no tape is getting lifted up so that the paint doesn't bleed onto a spot where you don't want it to. After you have done that go ahead and get your primer again and spray the lip with about 3 coats and in between each coat let it sit for 15mins.

-After the 3rd coat of primer it is time to spray it down with the color of your choice I choose red so nobody else should ever do red haha jk. Anyways after the primer is dried start spraying with your color choice. Spray as much as you want just leave time in between for it to dry. I did about 10 coats just because it is the lip and itll get the most damage.

-Let the paint fully dry then go ahead and take off all the tape I usually go take off the inside tape first.

-Go ahead and take off the rest of the tape now

-Congrats You have some sexy ass rims. Happy birthday to me to
I'm 19 now

-Heres what it will look like after you are done:
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