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How to Put on a Tight Tail Light Tint
By Dan Gaz, eHow Contributing Writer
Tinting your taillights will set your car apart. Taillight tints can complement your car's color or match a window tint. Once you decide on a color, you'll be able to apply the tint using a handful of household items.
Difficulty: Easy
Things You'll Need:
· Mini- or hand-held squeegee
· Foaming glass cleaner
· Paper towels
· Razor blade or X-Acto knife
· Hair dryer/heat gun
1. Step 1
Spray the entire taillight area, including the surrounding area, with a foaming glass cleaner.
2. Step 2
Remove the tint from its adhesive backing and spray the sticky side wet, using the same foaming glass cleaner.
3. Step 3
Place the tint on top of taillight area with the sticky side down.
4. Step 4
Wrap a squeegee in a paper towel (to avoid accidental scratches) and squeegee your tint from the middle out. Be sure to squeegee just the flat areas for now, avoiding any lifts around the edges.
5. Step 5
Set the hair dryer or heat gun to its lowest setting and apply heat to the lifted areas around the edge of the taillight to soften and stretch the tint material.
6. Step 6
Spray the tint with the foaming glass cleaner and squeegee the lifts outward. They will cling better because the material is now pliable and can adhere to curves better than before.
7. Step 7
Trim around the edges of the taillight tint with a razor blade or X-Acto knife, starting at the bottom of the light and working counterclockwise.
8. Step 8
Peel away the scrap pieces slowly, making sure not to pull scraps that are still attached to the portion attached to the taillight.
9. Step 9
Spray the tint film once more and heat it again on low to seal any areas that might have lifted during the cutting process. While you're heating the tint, squeegee out any liquid or air bubbles, working from the center outward. The film will fully adhere as you continually heat it with the hair dryer or heat gun.
10. Step 10
Allow the film to dry overnight. Squeegee out any remaining lifts and bubbles the next day.
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