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I hyper recommend these mufflers

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Jones Exhaust FB2541 - have used these on my TransAms (Formula 400 - 455HO) , my Cutlass 455 Rocket, and two of my three Corvettes ('76 and '82)

Do not know if we can post links - if I screw up by doing this - Dave please remove and PM me - GHOSTDANCE

Second thoughts - anybody interested can just do internet search -
there is a photo of my Jones custom Boar muffler in my garage - Jones builds mufflers for everything up to and including NASCAR

And you can't BEAT the quality/price/ AND SOUND (Deeep) with a STICK!!!

ps - I have no vested interest - I have been building Harleys and cars since I came to America in 1969 - I just like to pass on things that I have come across that I think are superior for some reason or another - the ONE thing that I really HATE about the Challenger is how BADLY we get GOUGED on the parts for this car. Our parts run 2-3 TIMES the price for the same part for a Mustang or Camaro - YEA YEA I have heard the smaller production volume arguement used to justify the prices - Guess what -I TEACH Economics and I KNOW how much BS is contained in that justification
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