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Illinois challenger

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Well all I can say is the challenger is the ONLY car in 15 years that really peaked my interest.
Saw one on the road and basically said WOW! I gotta have one of those.
Spent a LONG time searching for the car I wanted. After quite a while found one in Metropolis IL which is about two hours from St. Louis.
All I can say is the local STL dealers where all on crack. Way over priced, unwilling to qoute prices even without money down (WTH?)
Had an excellent salesman, up front with everything, no dinking around.
It was a sweet 2 hour ride home after picking her up.
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Trust me bros, got mine 8/09 that feeling NEVER gets old! It's gonna get only better as u meet other owners in real life this year, we are all diverse, but exactly insane/same! Owning this car DOES change ur life, don't know if it ages or youthins u to own/drive this car but it sure gets the heartrate of everyone around it up just by being, amazes me!
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