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Installing a '70's style Go-Wing

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Note: there are at least 3 different style Go-Wings.. a '70; a '71; and the current model..
This is the '70 style..

There was no template..
I just put it up and tried my best to figure out where I wanted it,
(put a roll of duct tape under it to hold it up to check for looks)
and after trying to get directions on how to remove the center light
on the trunk lid and getting NO help, I figured I would have to do it without removing the light..
I also wanted to use the crease along the trunk for added strength..
I ended up putting it about 2 inches farther forward of where I wanted to put it because of the light..
(which turned out to be a blessing in disguise..)

NOTE: If I had to do it again, I would place it farther toward the front..
I would drill the 'rear' hole so the back of the hole was just in front of the crease

So I measured where I wanted to put it, marked the first (front) hole on each side, and started to drill..
I used a long enough drill bit to get through to the underside of the lid..
The "back" hole on both sides is too long to do with 'one pass' .. I drilled the 'top' side first..
then I had to measure approx where the underside hole should be and drilled a small hole to check for placement..
It turns out I wasn't exactly on target, because of the availability of places to actually drill holes on the underside..
so I had to wollow out the hole slightly to get the bolt through..
btw, the bolts that come with the spoiler are no where near long enough for this trunk lid, so I got
some coarse "all thread" from the hardward store for less than 2 bucks,
cut it to size, with some washers and some nuts and it went on perfect..
I could tighten it down much more, but then it 'bends' the crease..
It is tight enough now that it doesn't wobble or wiggle or shake when driving or closing the trunk..
(the one on my '72 `Cuda did, a little bit..)

Some pics of where the holes are underlid..

broad view..

closer view..

side view..

broad side view..

What you unfortunately can't see is how, especially on the underside rearward hole, there is a flat (er) spot to drill..

I would highly recommend NOT placing the spoiler mounting holes rearward of 3/4" of the crease along the trunk..
There is a "box" that the trunk lights fit into that gets in the way of the drill bit if you do go rearward..

You can see the "crease" along the width of the trunk lid in this photo..

Notice how the rear of the "pedestal" is about 1" rearward of the crease..

Get a roll of duct tape (or something similar width) to place under the middle of the spoiler to help hold it in place, and upright,
while you eyeball where you are going to place it..

Measure, measure, and measure again to get it evenly spaced..
The holes on 'top' of the lid are just the right size, but because of the
only 2 spots on either side to put the holes on the 'bottom' of the lid, I had to wallow them out a little to get the all-thread through..
I used (2) - 6" and (2) - 5" - 1/4 x 20 coarse thread "all-thread" (to match the spoiler threads)
(take the nut and stud provided with the spoiler with you to be certain you get the correct thread)
you can buy at Ace Hardware for 1.99.. (you cut to size)
As you can see, I could have gone a little shorter, like 5 1/2" and 4 1/2" for a slightly cleaner look..

hope this helps someone..
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DH, have you since found out how to take the rear lights out? Took me a while, but after asking a couple of guys that put in the sequential lights,I know what Ihave to do to get them out.
DH, have you since found out how to take the rear lights out? Took me a while, but after asking a couple
of guys that put in the sequential lights,I know what Ihave to do to get them out.
Yup, I got the directions when I put in my sequentials..
I put this spoiler on December '08, but didn't put the sequentials on until July '09..

They are much easier to remove than I thought they would be, but near impossible to have figured out by myself..
I would have gotten way too frustrated and 'hurt' something.. lol
I didn't realize the go-wing was adjustable. Pretty interesting.

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