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my path to my Challenger wasnt as twisty as Jack's. I just happend to drive by my Dealer one Friday afternoon and saw it on the used lot with $24,999 splattered accross the windshield. I was driving a 07 Chevy Silverado truck that I bought from there. When I saw the Challenger I turned around, went in and asked for the keys. I took it for a drive and being a 6cyl, it felt pretty good. I had test driven the SRT8 that they had earlier inthe month, but the $44,000 price tag was way too much for me. I didnt need another house note. :;:) and a speeding ticket.:pullover:

So after the test drive I went inside and told the sales manager to start working some numbers. Saturday morning I brought the wife by and took her for a ride in it. She didnt say no or yes for that matter, but not saying NO meant I had a chance. They gave me what I owed on the truck but I had to come up with 3k for a down payment to get my payments lower what I was paying on the truck.

Needless to say the Following Monday I was signing the papers on Intimidator and the rest is history.:readthemanual:
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