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Lafayette LA. Safe City

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I'm glad to know that when I go to Lafayette now, I will be watched over.

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Nothing is showing up on my screen, what is it?
Don't know what happened??? The picture was there when I first submitted the thread. I added it from a different place & seems to be there now. :think:
Hahahah! Thats hilarious! :rofl:
We have a "TRIX" cereal car here, and in St. Joseph's parish I saw a "Juicy Fruit" car!
Then there's the "Dr. Pepper" car I saw in Leesville...seriously, have people run out of themes for cars?!?

Heres the TrixMobile!

Crappy picture, taken my by iPhone going to school at 6:30AM lol So I probably wasn't holding it to steady either lol
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