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Laps for Charity 5/08/10

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I've been thinking about attending the Laps for Charity held at Texas Motor Speedway this year. Has anyone else thought about going? Donate $30 you get to take you car around the track 3 times, another $10 you get a picture of your car taken in Victory Lane. You can also donate $250 to get more laps around the track, and a couple other things.

VIP Laps Experience for $250 donation per car Includes:
(1) 5 Laps Session during a special reserved time slot
(1) Three-Course Dinner for two at the Starlight Dinning Room in The Speedway Club (May 8, 2010)
(1) Photo in Victory Lane with your Car
(2) Laps for Charity event T-shirt

Here is a link to more info!
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3 laps at what kind of speed?
If you have never done it, it is a fun experience. Done it twice with car clubs. Recommend hooking up with a club if you go. DFW LX group was there for last one and I tagged along.

If you are looking for a high speed race around the track, you will be disappointed. It seems like they have it even more under control last year from the time I did it before which was like 10 years ago.

Pace cars in front & BACK keep everyone herded in pretty well so you can't get off doing much on your own. You can lag a little and then go full throttle to catch up but does not last for long.

Like I said, it is a thrill if you never did it before (especially going around the high banks) but if you are looking more speed, there are better (& more $) events where you autocross your car on the infield.

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