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L.E.D Cup, Coin holder Light, with 2 Extended/Adjustable L.E.D. Lights

This Modification has been done a santro which is ideally a very good driving car but with very sad and dated interior. Always wanted to Make it look better This for people who cant afford an interior designer for the interiors of car. I made LED cup holder to impove aesthetics and effects in the car to a little extent.

Yesterday Made this LED setup which emmits Blue glow on two Cup Holder and the One coin holder under the Hand Brake.

this DIY also includes the 2 Plastic pipe sleeves which can be dropped under seat, or can be focused at any other location (adjustable to be precise). 3 Blue L.E.D.'s Each side.

The Coin Slots near cup holders holds the Toggle Switch to Control these lights, and of course there's a Fuse under
the cub-holder to prevent Blown up wiring.


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