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LMC Super Cuda 200 MPH!

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LMC Super Cuda 200 MPH!

Lady Luck was on our side last week as the Legendary Team made its way to the Chrysler Proving Grounds in Chelsea, Michigan.

An all night drive through a snow storm saw us pull into the proving grounds parking lot at the crack of dawn. It was cold
and overcast but no sign of rain or snow. It looked like the weather would cooperate, the next hurdle was having MOPAR
engineers check out the Cuda. The car passed with flying colors, testament to the sweat and dedication put in
by everyone at Legendary over the last year.

This is one spectacularly awesome machine.

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holy cow!!!! :bigwow:208 MPH!! dang Cuda moves!!!
Goes to show you these cars weren't originally built for top speed when the windshield trim blows off! Very impressive to hang with a Ferrari.

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