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March 21 Bandera/Medina Run and BBQ

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Anyone up for a run to Bandera/Medina then a BBQ at Medina Lake???
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Buncha ACLX (my home club) and San Antonio based TOC members are going to make this one - Bring the ice chest - we are going to grab a pavilion with BBQ pit - NOTE $10.00 per car for Park service fee - here's the departure info:

Meet Walmart parking lot @ IH10 and Dezavala 08:30 – leave in convoy @ 09:00 SHARP
IH10 to 1604 to Hwy 16
Hwy 16 through nice roads to Medina Lake – about 30 minutes

THEN.......we will all grab a cold one on the edge of the lake, think of Big Mikie stuck out there in Aggieland, and LAUGH our butts off!!!!!!!!
This is where we will be


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event was postponed due to nasty weather - we have local coffee M&G this Sunday - rescheduling - maybe SOMEBODY in KANSAS might be BACK BY THEN!!!
maybe SOMEBODY in KANSAS might be BACK BY THEN!!!
Oh baby!!! :dance:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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