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Stopped by the dealer to pick up my Mopar accessories - the ones that were in - the door sill guards and CAI are still on back-order.

Got the hood props, and cargo/floor mats installed :cool:

The LED accent lighting will take awhile to install. But I did hook them up to a power source to check them out. Looks like 16 colors (or variations of colors):
Pushing the dial turns them on/off
Rotating the dial, you get your choice of,
brighter white
brighter red
light purple
brighter light purple
brighter green
brighter pink
brighter blue
dark purple
brighter dark purple
light blue
brighter light blue

I'll have to get picks of the lighting once it's installed

To be honest, I thought they were going to be one color, the same as the cup holders, and just come on with the interior lights. The way they are wired, it 'remembers' the color you last had on, and comes back on (or stays off if you had them off) the next time you start the car.

There are two strips with 4 LEDs, and two individual LEDs, along with instructions for nearly every Dodge, Chrysler or Jeep... except the Challenger.


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