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In this Motor Trend blog entry ( ), they try to justify their choices in this ( ) "Hustlecars comparison.

First off.... Hustlecars? WTF is that?
I'll tell ya what it is, a lame method to include a Hyundai that has no connection to the "Muscle Cars" of the late '60's and early '70's.
Based on their explanations of why a Hyundai was included, they should have included every 2-door coupe with about 250 to 300 HP. Sure they are close in specs, but I don't seriously think that a Camaro, Mustang, or Challenger buyer are the same as Hyudai buyers.

In the blog entry, they try to justify, or explain away, what they have been criticized for: 1) the Hyundai shouldn't have been included in the first place; 2) the numbers favored the Mustang anyway; and 3) Motor Trend keeps changing its mind.

First off. That's right. The Hyundai shouldn't have been in the comparison. Yes it's their magazine and they can compare a ZR1 Corvette to an F/A 18 Hornet jet used by the Blue Angels if they want - don't laugh, they have But it doesn't mean the comparison makes any sense just because they do it.

Secondly. I believe they do change their minds and/or waffle on their opinions.

In the "HustleCars" comparison, they are not so fond of the Mustangs live rear axle.... "The Ford engineers have worked miracles, but the Ford's live rear axle just annoys the hell out of me intellectually. It's an embarrassing reminder of Old Detroit, when the Big Three figured cheap, old technology was all the American consumer needed. (The real car guys at Ford are embarrassed by it, too, which is why the next-gen Mustang will have an independent rear end like every other 21st century coupe.)"

But looking back at their recent comparison of the the Camaro, Mustang, and Challenger, they seemed to be fond of the live rear axle.... "Mustang feels very connected to the road -- telegraphs what's going on where the rubber meets the road -- at both ends. Handles better than any car with a live rear axle has a right to..." This is more like a sports car than a ponycar, and on a smooth road or track, you feel you can do almost anything in it."
I was genuinely surprised at how capable the Mustang is. Sure, the live axle might send the Ford shivering if the pavement were rougher, but I think it's important to note that we had no problems with this supposedly antiquated suspension setup. And, sure, I'd love to see how a non-Track-Pack-equipped version would handle up and down those roads. But as a guy who has long slagged the live axle, color me impressed"

Yeah, I know. They can claim that they really don't have a problem with it, and it does feel very connected to the road.... they just don't care for it "intellectually." These guys are getting as bad as Consumer Reports and their just giving quality scores to Toyota without even testing their quality.

Sure they include some objective comparison, but most of it is VERY subjective opinions.

Hustlecars... wtf? :rofl:

they include some objective comparison, but most of it is VERY subjective opinions.

Hustlecars... wtf? :rofl:
I agree and "hustlecars"? Huh?

I wrote a lengthy blurb on car reviews and the problems with them and posted it on my site. It is lengthy but the sum of it is.... their "winner" is nothing more than their opinion of a car they don't own, have limited time with, and usually under unrealistic driving conditions.

The problem with Car Reviews:
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