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My baby is sick!

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Yesterday I was getting the garage ready to put her away for the winter and I noticed 3 rather large spots on the driveway where she has been resting. I looked under the car and saw her bally pan has oil all over the rear edge of it! Dont know where she is bleeding from but took her first thing this morning to the Doctors Office. I checked the oil dipstick and its at the mininum oil level mark! I sure hope she is ok and its nothing serious. :pray:
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That's not good. Hopefully it's just a badly performed oil change... damaged filter gasket or the like.
That's not good. Hopefully it's just a badly performed oil change... damaged filter gasket or the like.
that SUCKS big time, i agree :yeahthat: with any luck it is oil plug seal or filter
Dealer found the problem, a loose aftermarket oil filter. GRRRRR!!!!!
I take my car to the dealer for all oil changes , so this means 1 of them has been using aftermarket filters????? IM not happy about that one.

She's readyto be picked up but I was warned I may see a bit of oil here and there because it gets caught in the frame.....

First stop after the dealer is a carwaash with one of the undercarriage sprays.
Glad its nothing major!
OH did I mention I am one of the first to own Transformers Revenge of the Fallen...... wich dosent go on sale until tommorrow.

I told the store manager if he didnt sell it to me I would break all his EQ.

Glad you had an easy fix for that leak, I use K&N filters for mine and I take it to a friends oil shop for changes. So far I have not had one start leaking yet, but will keep an eye on it for now.
thats good to hear, i figured it was something stupid like that.
your car is too new to be leaking unless of course it was a Harley
i thinking leaking is standard on them
Glad to hear it wasn't major, but a loose oil filter is a helluva oversight. On top of that, a dealer not using a Mopar filter? Cheapskates. I bought the last 5 Mopar filters my dealer had before they were closed down by Chrysler.

The oil filter is one thing worth checking after it has been to the dealer sometimes.
I had 1 bad experience where "the new guy" at the dealer changed my oil, got to the house and noticed leaking, turns out the oil filter was only tightened about one turn. I made sure the service manager knew about it and to never let that guy touch my car again.....

Just had them install the Mopar police oil cooler with no issues at all.....

Glad to hear your car is OK......
dont forget to make sure they put oil in as well
Sorry to hear about the prob's Whitewolf, glad it all worked out fine. Thats one reason why I service/fix my own cars
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