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If you get a chance please look at my CAI pics in my garage.
My question is this...should I angle the filter cone more down (vertically) towards the intake hole at the bottom of the engine bay where the originol box sat on?
Will this improve air flow or be moot?
Thanks in advance...

My vote... it would be moot as far as airflow goes.

A K&N style filter like that is going to be capable of flowing more air than your original and probably more air than the motor is going to need.

When I went from the factory to a K&N on my bike I had to increase the jet sizes from 110/112 to 165/170 to match the increase in air volume at WOT. The K&N style filters by themselves add a significant amount of airflow capability.

My vote.... angle is going to be moot, the filter is going to flow more than the motor requires. I have close to the same setup on mine and it definitely isn't starved for air.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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