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new 2010 owner appreciates advice....

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Any advice would be appreciated on the following 4 points:
I have a 2010 challenger SE with sirius radio option and standard 17" rims; all season P215/65/R17 tires..
1-My rear defroster doesn't seem to heat in the uppermost 3 bands (towards the roofline). I spoke with the dealer who states these 3 uppermost bands are from the radio antenna or sirius radio antenna, as both signals do not come in through the rooftop antenna. Is this correct or is a portion of the defroster not working?
2- I need to have better traction in snow conditions of Long Island, New York. What is your opinion on changing to 4 Blizzak W60 (P215/65/R17)tires for the snow season?
3- I have almost 800 miles. Does the group suggest the first oil change at 1000-1500 miles to remove particulates which may come loose from the engine during the break-in period or 6000 miles as in the manual. I'd like to have the car last as long as possible.
4- I'd like to change to Mobil 1 synthetic oil but I read that Dodge doesn't use Mobil 1 synthetic. For oil changes and other routine maintenance, including the required periodic equipment checks as stated in the manual, must I go to the dealer or can I go to my usual trusted mechanic to without voiding the standard warranty? (I did not purchase an extended warranty.)
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I have a SE/G also..

I saw your post on another forum and couldnt beleive the first answer so I hope we can help you here.

1. I am not sure on the defroster bit for the rear window. I know mine takes some time to get heated up. You may try another dealer if you can to see what may be the problem.

2. God I wish I could help you on this one, but living in Louisiana we may get snow about every 5 years.

3. that is debatable, but some do it right after getting their car. I bought mine used with 4900 miles and the window oil sticker said next change at 7700. I changed when it hit 7000.

I hope this info helps you out.

4. When I changed the oil I went with Valvoline synpower oil with a K&N filter. Dont know what oil was being used before I bought it. Changing oil every 5000 minles now instead of every 3000. Every thing seems to run just fine.
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Also, swing by the newbie section and introduce yourself. :waving:
Yeah, the guy on the "other" forum can be a d!#k sometimes. To try to answer your questions:
I haven't noticed my defrosters not working all the way up the window. I have no experience with snow tires, but I hear raves about the Blizzaks from our northern brothers. I'm one of the anal ones about mainenance, so I changed my oil at the 500 mile mark lol. You can go as long as your first scheduled change and it probably won't hurt anything, it's your call. I do recommend synthetic, I even use it in my lawnmower and generator for pete's sake. Valvoline, Castrol, Royal Purple are tops on my list, just use the recommended weight, make sure it's a full synthetic. Don't skimp on the oil filters, Wix, Mopar and Napa Gold, K&N (most expensive) are good, the worst is Fram. I will personally take your Challenger keys if I find you use Fram LOL j/k. Any dealership that says the oil/filters you provide could void your warranty should be reminded of the Magnuson/Moss act. Enjoy your Challenger and welcome to our most kick ass forum.

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definitely go with the blizzaks i have heard nothing but great things about them
in fact i believe i seen some for sale recently from a guy in CT PD wheels and tires with around 6k on them. i will see if i can find the for sale ad again

i changed my oil out at 600 with regular dino oil to remove the break in oil and since i don't get the miles have put the car on a 6 month schedule, April and October. since i don't get the miles once i have 3000 on the car i will use a semi synthetic just to be sure that all parts have broken in correctly.
if you are going to put a lot of miles on the car and want to switch to full synthetic
i would change it now with dino oil and once you hit 3000 change out to the full synthetic of your choice so long as it is proper weight required.

where the rear defroster is concerned i have not had to use the one in my car yet but i don't see why it would have anything to to with the Sirius antenna, doesn't really make sense but i can tell you from experience with my ford explorer sport
that the 3 upper most take forever to heat up and most times i will be 1/3 way to work by the time they are completely warmed up.

good luck with the new ride and welcome to the site
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I have an SE-G (GHOST :) ) and my defroster goes all the way up - I think the dealer is yanking on you
I dont know.... I have been watching mine and the top 3 lines (on either side of the 3rd brake light) does not do the defrost. just the middle part. hmmmmmmmm :think: I may need to get that looked at also.
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