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New guy on the block

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Just placed my order this week for an SE-G. They say it will take 3 months to deliver, hope their wrong.:waiting:
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Welcome. What color did you go with?
welcome to the site, also woulod like to know what color?
Welcome to the site, x3 on the color. If it's black, it should get to you pretty quick. 3 months isn't that long compared to what the wait used to be.

Thanks for the welcome guys. I ordered the deep water blue, should be nice.
Did you get the Rallye pkg? I've been trying to find a pic of the DWB with Rallye pkg because it's the only Challenger that comes with white stripes from the factory. I've searched Google extensively and can't find one.
guess you got to rob Peter to pay Paul.. don't ask, I wont tell you , but here are some pics of a DWB Rallye

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No rallye package, those white stripes with the red outline looks hot!!
WHAT color????

You mean they offer them in OTHER colors BESIDES that GORGEOUS STONE WHITE????

-posted by a TOTALLY unbiased member

1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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