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new idea

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saw this on ebay, want to get your opinions about this? I have the same rims as in the picture.

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those actually look pretty nice, really change the look of the wheel.
my only concern is how they hold up to day to day use once the
wheel heats up.
do they offer any type of warranty?
I'd have to see them on a car. I think it might look nice.
It would basically look like this (took these pictures at night and they came out like this)

I think it looks pretty cool, go well on the Intimidator Dave!
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Auto trim is a pretty big company, I have bought from them before when I had my truck. They used to have stores all around even here in DeRidder, but it the guy running it eventually closed down. priced himself right out of business. I may do this mod later down the line though. got to get through the latest one and it isnt finished yet. As soon as the last part comes in next week, I will be posting pics.
here is the link to the ebay sale has all the details.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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