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new kid on the block

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hi , just want to say hello to everyone. had my dodge ram in for a oil change and fell in love with the challengers. so a week goes bye and i traded in my 05 ram hemi for a 2010 challenger se inferno red. real sharp. just wish the weather would get better here in ny so i could use it more. miss the 4/4 but the challenger looks alot better in my driveway lol:)
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Welcome. The Challenger has that effect on a lot people. :)
Welcome! I too sacrificed my Dodge truck to afford my Challenger. I was harpooned from the moment I laid eyes on one via internet! :cool:

WELCOME!!! I traded in a 2007 chevy truck for mine. it's gets addictive doesn't it?
:waving: Welcome...hope you enjoy your time here
Welcome from the sunny side
Welcome! Traded a 04 Hemi Rumble Bee, for my Lil' SE, never regret! Love pointing out to my R/T, SRT 09 bros, never had a #7 cylinder missfire, small groundwire, RRTs either, hahaha! Mark
OH wait a sec - just noticed the "New York"
heres banana's New York cuz to say "Hello"



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Welcome, yeah I didnt trade it but I had a Nissan Titan 4x4 before my challenger and its a big difference. Then again the girls never asked for a ride in my titan.
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