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I have been using Meguiar's products since I'm a kid (I'm 60 now). Tried others, always return to Meguiar's.

I bought a new Meguiar's product last month by mistake. I thought it was a detailing spray but it turned out to be a liquid paste wax. It's called Meguiar's NXT Generation TECH WAX 2.0. As I don't use liguid waxes, I told my wife that the next time she goes to k-Mart, take it back and get a refund. However, it sat around the house for so long I finally realized that the wife wasn't going back to K-Mart any-time soon and to make a special trip (over 50 miles round trip) just wasn't worth the time or costs. Not wishing to waste a $20 investiment, last night I decided to try it out.

What a surprise. This stuff is great. My car has only been washed twice in the 8 moths I've had it and, since it is Hemi-Orange and I live in central California (it never rains in California) it hasn't gotten dirty, just dusty. It has been waxed once with a brand of car wax that is a hard wax, carnuba, product and it worked good, too. Or at least I thought it did until I got done with this waxing (I still have the driver's side to do).

I'm sold. It was easily applied and easy to wipe off. I used one micro-fiber cloth to remove the haze9shaken often), then a second micro-fiber towel to remove the smears, then a third clean micro-fiber towel to buff & polish. Man, it looks like glass.

Now I'll have to see how well it holds up. Has anyone else tried this Meguiar's product? For $20 bucks, i felt it had better be fantastic. I wasn't disappointed. Car show on Saturday morning, I'll let you know how it showed.

Sorry, I didn't see the earlier thread dealing with this subject.
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