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New mods being introduced!!

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well, I dont know about you , but I think I just fell in love with this car all over again. talk about the throwback era. I know it is just a stick on , but you got to admit that it adds new character to the car.

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i hate it. seems so cheesy to pimp out a challenger. i wouldn't even want that stuff as a gift.
i think it looks good, unfortunately pictures a lot of times makes things
look so much better than it would look in person.
the LX Forums/east coast Mopar nationals is may 15th and 16th
at englishtown raceway park so im sure i will see some there in person.
I have to agree with S/S on this.
I don't really care for it.
We each have our own tastes though and that's cool.
love love love love - ps they are RETOOLING the sizes for front rear - if you find the thread on CLife - the company disigner is subscribed to the thread
Ehh, don't care for on the darker colors, like it all dark myself. But I can see them looking ok on the white/yellows, but thats if they DO respond to main complaint of the front is too small. Don't want anything to do with any side flares/scoops/vents or widebody myself, love the sweet/smooth/clean lines on this awesome car, it's really hard to improve it. But I'm sure they'll sell a few, fender moulding too cause there's quite a few who love that look!
Their Camaro looks hideous! Yuck! :puke:
But this isn't too bad, I wouldn't do it myself though
Liking the Rally stripes and scoop treatment on a black car. I've been on the fence about the bumper treatment, maybe if I could see the updated ones in person.

I think it is good to see a vendor offering something alternative.
This may very well have appeal to some folks and if this vendor makes a profit, they may come out with something that interests me.

This style doesn't appeal to me, actually I even scrapped all the vinyl and had my Challenger painted and moderate pin stripe. If I get a warm sunny day I'll take some pictures. I prefer a minimalist look. It goes way back to my first custom work, eliminate all badges and trim, get everything with clean lines. This, of course, is subjective.

I enjoy looking at a wide range of diversity in what we do with our rides.
Even if I think it is insane, its still fun to look at.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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