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New Tail too

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:cool:New tail to, just got it back from the paint shop. Just need a warm day and day light to get it installed:whistle:
OEM standard spoiler, want the Go wing. But cant beat the cost of free!
Shout out thanks to Rodzilla ( Jeff & Mellisa ):drinkingbuddies:
Paint shop even painted it for free :rockout:

Ok this friday here inTexas was a Mod day for SE~xy ( Our Chally's name ). My best friend Jeff and awsome Grafics guy " Strange Grafics" ( PM me if you need somthing done ). Hook up SE~xy with a sweet custom Piler wrap and help me install my rear spoiler on our baby.

God Bless you and Mellisa, your a man of your word and a true friend.:waving:
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congrats, my baby got hers last week!!! my buddy had it installed for free at his dealership on account of my crappy week. she looks good. still digging that avatar you have of the cop chally!!
congrats but :wwop:

JK :thumbupleft:
:thumbupleft: :thumbupleft: :thumbupleft: freeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
as my famous saying goes "If its FREE it's for ME":clap:
spoiler looks excellent, i would like to see some distance shots of the pillar decals
when you get a chance
Yes me likey the new pillar graphics, think your right to not add the side stripes, they are really one of a kind, made me do the old second look, when we meet on the road, thats allways a good sign! Was that a picture of ur bro Jeff doing install? Like him allready as he's got ink (tats) too! Hope Lisa feels better today, probably wouldn't put up with u if not for her, JK bro!
I love those. I saw them at the Mac Haik show and was just blown away. I haven't seen any Challenger with anything like that. I don't know what you were thinking when you added those...., but keep it up.
Hey fellas,
what does it take to install the spoiler on the SE? Any drilling needed? Does one from a R/T fit? Any advise appreciated....
From what I understand, drilling is needed. :readthemanual:
But if it where me, I would probably find a way to use two-sided 3M automotive tape. I just couldn't handle drilling into body panels :(
Yep, five holes for the SRT/RT spoiler, four holes for the go-wing spoiler. Partycovecaptain has 3m taped one on, but I think he drilled the two outer holes for the bolts. Another way is to trade lids with an R/T owner who wants to install the go-wing, seen people go that way. Funny but the last time I was near a dealeship, both the SEs had R/T painted spoilers factory installed.
Thanks for the info. Got a friend with a Torred SE that wants one. Just trying to let them know what's gonna need to take place. Where is the best place to order one from?
Yes you have to drill holes.... I tried to just drill just two holes on the trunk and 3M tape the entire spoiler. But have to drill the center two holes now, when the sun hits it and expands the spoiler bows upwards in the center.
Hey bro, let me know if u need a template for the other three holes, and I'll measure the holeplugs on mine for u. Mark
yup, that is what I had to do to install mine.:cool:
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