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New tires

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I have the 18s and it is getting about time to change the tires.
Right now I have the stock 235/55/18's, so I was thinking of either getting new tires, or maybe even get some 20s to fill the wheel well out a bit more (love the look of 20s on this car)

If I do decide to go ahead and change the tires, what size should I get where it wont effect the speedometer? I'd like wider tires, maybe 255s, but I dont know if they will fit on the stock 18s..?
So if 255s where able to fit the 18s, what other size would I need to keep aorund the same height of the current sidewall? Someone said that 255/55/18s would be 11mm taller, so any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!

(btw- I do realize if I do get 20s, it can/will effect the odometer, but I'm willing to sacrifice that until I obtain a Predator lol)
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a dodge dealer can also adjust the speedo with the starscan too.
Good to know! Thanks Dave. So how you liking the new sound? Videos sound great, I'm sure its even better in person!
the inside sound is awesome!! I just hope savors that payment a little...:rofl:

you will hear it come Saturday.
Looking forward to it, We all parking along side each other correct?
I have pre-registered, when I did that I told the guy that we would liked to be parked in the same place, I know Jack my be bringing his canopy and I have mine. so I hope he does it that way.
I'll be registering when I arrive, do you think i can park 1st then go register?
dunno, but I am going early, so I will make sure we all will have a spot.
Chris I believe 255/50/18's would be pretty close. Go online and type in tire size calculator, it should be of help. Also, when you decide on which tire to use, call me and I can see how much they would be with my discount. Sometimes I can beat Tire Rack.

Alright sounds good! Thanks Jack!
But 1st I believe I will run the idea of just getting me some srt 20s that come with tires for $1495. Seems like a great deal. They said they were taking off within 100 miles I believe.

I'll tell the parents this could be my birthday (dec 6th) and christmas present! lol
While we're talking tires, I checked on my two today, now they're saying it's scheduled for drop-ship next Friday. Talk about cutting it close for the drag strip. I went with 255/45/20 Goodyear Eagle RSA's. I don't want to mess with the ride by going with another brand , just a tad wider for better traction.

Well, they're here.........finally. I think maybe Friday i'll put them on. They measure out 1/4" wider, not any taller that I can see, and they have tread LOL. The first of the year is looming large, I have to be done with all my mods by then if i'm going to start paying this car off early.:eek:ldtimer:

Awesome! I think I'll be going with new tires soon, and if I get them by the time of the Paragon Show...well lets just say Jack won't be the only person in the burnout contest!:thumbupright:

I'll just put the new tires on after the show.

Oh and does anyone have any suggestions on tires? I'm thinking of nitto 420s 255/50/18. These will be wider, better traction in dry and wet conditions, and they are suppose to have a good tread life. Oh and did I mention they are like $50 cheaper than the stock pilots?!

Nitto 420 in a 255/55R18.
Same height and about 1/2" wider.


Nitto 420 in a 255/55R18.
Same height and about 1/2" wider.

Thanks jack, and i thought 55 would be a bit taller. People said that 50s would work best. But I have no idea lol How do you calculate how tall they will be?
I found the tire height calculator

Stock 235/55/18s are 28.18 inches tall & 9.25 inches wide
255/50/18s are 28.04 inches tall & 10.04 inches wide (thats 3/4 inches wider! :dance:)
255/55/18s are 29.04 inches tall & 10.04 inches wide

So I will more than likely go with the 50s so it wont effect the speed much and if anything ill be going slower than what the speed-o says lol
Am I wrong, I was thinking your current tire size was 235/55/18.
I didn't want to mess with my rear height, I stuck to the 45 ratio and stepped up the width from 245 to 255, a little wider.
It's hard to calculate exactly from manufacturer to manufacturer, it's an educated guess on my part.

you'll need another set for the rear after sunday Jack.. :layrubber:
you'll need another set for the rear after sunday Jack.. :layrubber:
I hope not! I kept my old 2 in case of burnout emergency:rofl:
These new meats grip better, but I can still break them loose.

burning my tires up is something I dont have to worry about.:shhh:

btw, the cover is mounted.... :whistle:
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