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New to the Forum

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Hello to all. Rumor has it this is the forum to belong to for some good information on these sweet machines. Looking forward to reading, writing and researching ....:tease:
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Not many here yet. But we'll get there. Glad you joined us.
Thanks. I recognize the name from another forum... but don't remember which one.
And yes, it's ok that you visit other sites... we won't ban anyone for that. LOL
I wasn't aware that being a member of more than one forum was a bannable (is that a word?) offense. LOL
At some forums it appears that way. :whistle:
... just because you can do a mod, does not always mean you should.
Well said. Being in the IT (Information Technology) field, I often need to explain that it isn't always wise to implement new technology for the sake of implementing new technology.

And feel free to break out a lecture whenever you feel like it. :) I enjoy a good debate now and then, but lectures can be fun too. :biggrin1:
1 - 4 of 15 Posts
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