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NorthStar Dodge, San Antonio

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Well it started pretty straight forward. Friend is internet manager at dodge dealership. Car Sold. ME HAPPY. Right?! Wrong!!!

I got unlucky cause my credit wasn't good enough to swing the goon out of its dealership prison. I went to 6 different dealerships and made a good amount of friends who wanted me to have the car but none had the power. Til I met Rene at NorthStar dodge here in San Antonio who by no feat short of amazing got me my car with everything I wanted. No Substitutes nothing held back just fully loaded hemi powered challenger.
:rockout: SO any of you guys that need their challenger fix go down to Northstar and tell rene you need it!
He and those guys behind the desk are freakin AWESOME!
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glad it worked out for you...enjoy feeling the grin
I'm always glad to hear a bad story turn out alright. I myself had a bad experience, but once behind the wheel of VUDU, it was all but forgotten!
Congrats and enjoy.

I to bought my car from North Star Dodge. They gave me top dollar for my 2007 Mitsubishi Raider that I was upside down on and got me into the Deep Blue.
Hey - I order my parts from them - GREAT parts dept
I wasn't particuarly impressed with them as I took my pick up in because the brakes lock up and cause me to skid. This happened to the technician when he drove it and he admitted it. They told me theres nothing they can do, the brakes dont need replacing, charged me $40 for an inspection and sent me on my way.

That and oil changes take a while there (3+ hrs everytime i try). I have had better luck with Ingram Auto Center Dodge/Chrysler/Jeep.
I'll be honest I got there all the they sold me the beast but the last time I got the oil changed the old man lost my paperwork and I sat there like an idiot for 2 hours but it was free atleast and they all know the chally cause it and I sat on the show room floor for hours while we waited for them to finish the deal
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