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nubee from chicagoland

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i am new here, but not to dodge LX/LC cars. i'm a custom fabricator and do many one-off mods to my cars. never afraid to experiment or gamble on a custom mod. some of you may know me by my other names (65standard or Hurst Equipped).

i'm here to learn and help when i can. i currently have two '06 dodge magnums, '09 challenger, and an outlaw '87 monte carlo with a Hemi stuffed between the frame rails.

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really appreciate you coming here to join in. Several folks here are going to be suprised that you are here. thats because they wanted you here. ;)
Welcome to the best damn Challenger forum. :D
Welcome to the forum! We are a select group here, the best of the best!

Glad to see u here brother, u the modding man!:D
awesome man, glad you decided to join us over here:cool:. we are small but growing every day.
Hey Ho from San Antonio!!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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