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On the way home from the dealer

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I picked up my PCP R/T today, and at one of the first stop lights on the way home, a car load of girls pulled up alongside and were hanging out the windows and yelling how much they liked the car.

Then some kid in a Mustang tried to do a roll-on at about 30 mph, but I got the jump on him. 3.90 gears FTW!

Then, turning onto the freeway, a guy in an Acura was beside me. The on-ramp is 2 lanes, and he had the inside lane. He got a little git of a jump on me because the inside lane is shorter where it makes a sharp bend off the surface street and because the Acura is more nimble, but good old V8 power put him in his place quickly on the on-ramp.

This car is going to be fun!
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1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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