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Yeah, so being a single guy I'm getting ready to go out last Friday for a little fun... you know, the kind of fun a nearly 50 year old single guy would have.

So I get cleaned up and get ready to go when I decided I had better check my balls. I've managed to keep my balls through a divorce and through more ex-girlfriends than I care to imagine.

It took me a while to find my balls since I hadn't used them in a month or so. Sure enough, when I found my balls one was purple and one was blue.

On closer examination I stopped suddenly and a shiver went through my entire body. One of my balls... the one on the right... the blue one... was cracked!!!

I can't frickin' believe it! That was my favorite one, too!

Yeah, so what were you thinking of?


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:bigrolling::bigrolling::bigrolling: I have 2 also, one of them is black and the other is orange.
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