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Order Status Codes

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BA: New order that hasn't been checked
BB: Review by fleet department
BD: Special equipment processing
BE: Edit error
BG: Passed edit n/a for schedule
BGL: Edit ok parts unavailable
BX: Passed edit available for schedule
C: Sub firm - Tentative schedule
D: Firm schedule - dealer has allocation and all parts available
D1: Gateline schedule - scheduled to be built
E: Frame
F: Paint
G: Trim
I: Built not ok'd
J: Built ok'd
JB: Shipped to Upfit Center (for Stripe)
JE: Emission check
JS: Shipped to storage
KZ: Released by plant , invoiced
KZL: Released - not shipped
KZM: First rail departure
KZN: First rail arrival
KZO: Delayed/recieved
KZOA: Plant holds
KZOB: Zone/distribution holds
KZOC: Carrier delays
KZOD: Carrier holds
KZOE: Mis-shipped vehicle
KZOF: Show/test vehicle
KZOG: Damaged vehicle
KZOH: All other reasons
KZT: Second rail departure
KZU: Second rail arrival
KZX: Delivered to dealer
ZA: Canceled

With a VON (Vehicle Order Number) you can call 1-800-992-1997 to inquire on your status
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