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After a great deal of research and discussion with Andy, I purchased a bunch of stuff from him at PWR: worked over heads, worked over intake, custom cam, 100mm ported throttle body, LMI cold air intake, ATI 15% underdrive balancer, and all the bolts, gaskets, etc needed to make it all bolt in place.

Andy's information is excellent and unimpeachable. He backs up everything he has to say with proof - hard dyno numbers. He doesn't influence or pimp one product over another, just provides facts.

We worked out the above based on my specs: I wanted something stock appearing and idling but with +100 rwhp. Andy couldn't have been better during the sale process.

There were a few delays of parts post-sale, but nothing significant. As a small vendor, PWR can't afford to keep a large back stock of parts, so Andy is dependent on his sometimes slow-to-ship suppliers. But even then, he stayed all over them and managed to pull a miracle and get everything to my local shop by the end of this week, which was our goal.

So overall, I couldn't be happier with PWR. If 450-500 rwhp isn't enough for me, my next purchase will be a stroker block and motor from PWR, which'll get me into the 600+ rwhp range.

PWR = Recommended!!! :rockout:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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