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predator tuners etc? what do they do?

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OK so I know I'm showing my ignorance but hey gotta ask questions to learn right?
What do these "tuners" actually do?
My limited understanding is that they allow vehicles to run at higher octane fuels? correct or am I way off?
I know they alter the vehicles electronics so I would assume they are a warranty voider.
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it will void your warranty if you leave the tune in and go to the dealer. now if you put the stock tune back in then you are ok. BTW, the Predator saves the stock tune that is presently on the car from the factory

I have one for mine and I have noticed that the is hardly any lag in accelleration now. my 0-60 time is lower. I havent tested it at the track to see if I can improve on my 1/4 mle time which is currently 16.6 @ 87 mph.

It wont help the transmission as it does not support the 4 speed auto.
you can also adjust rev limiter as well as speed limiter.

but remember!!! :eek:ldtimer: always put the stock factory tune in before taking to the dealer.!!
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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