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Question about Ordering R/T Classic

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Does anyone know if there is a time "window" for for odering a 2010 B5 Classic like there was for the '09?
And if so, am I too late?

When pricing an R/T with the options I want, I found it's only a couple hundred more for the Classic. And if I were to order a Classic, I figured I may as well get one of the Classic colors colors.
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think you have time til late jun (after they stop taking order on 2010 models)and just sale what is on dealer lot.Late august,early september will be time for 2011 models
to order.That how this think works in past when I was ordering/buying my Dodge cars
(so far I did 5 times,same dealer, same sale person,once I was late few weeks
and took me long time find right car)Hope this help...........
That helps. That's what I thought.
So I can still order an R/T Classic, but not in the special colors?
2010 classic model yes,special color better check with dealer,call them a you will see
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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