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R/T takes Camaro SS

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Yes, this is Chris1992
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Beat another camaro at the strip yesterday. A red SS, I'll post up the videos later today! Beat him by 1.1seconds!
I linked the first youtube at talk.
man those guys sure get their panties in a wad.
It's crazy! You'd think people would like to see the "little" R/T beat an SS, yet the seemed more mad that I was closing in on the SRT times
They're just envious of your reflexes bro! It's all bout the driver! I've told folks to stay away from suds, at least 24hrs before they run, deaf ears! But u get slower with age, add that in, even slower! Way to spank the bowties there brother! No panties to wad on this site!
Our Challengers are fast are they not. Looks good for a overwieght underpowered auto.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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