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After doing a little research, I guess I'm still not understanding what's happening hear. I looked up a few dyno results on the Camaro forums and found this. (All were stock)
Camoro SS Auto (L99) rated a 400hp, most ranged from 300 to 330 rwhp. Depending on location tempature etc.

R/T auto & 6 speed (Not much difference in results) rated at 372 hp ranged from 330 to 340 rwhp.

From what I've read one should average about 15% loss from the crank to the wheels. If so there is not 15% with the R/T's. Are the engines under rated, or are they not having that much loss in the drive train? :think:
i would lean towards underrated #s but then i have read that some guys said they only had 290 at the wheels with their RTs.:think:
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