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What a great day. I entered my H/O, Challenger R/T, in a local car show. I entered in the muscle car division and, guess GUESSED it; FIRST PLACE. I had no inclanation that I would, or even could win in this division. What a great showing this car made. Lots of lookers and lots of conversation with other MC owners. My wife about fell out of her chair when we were called out as 1st place winners. This was the first show that I went to where the viewers were not the ones to vote, this was a judged show and the Challenger won. I think it just might get better and better for us Challenger owners in the coming future.
1st PLACE...Wow, what a day.

BTW: That Meguier's NXT generation TECH WAX 2.0 really did a great job. If show after using this product. I think I'll use it again.

Next show is October 10th, MOPARS in the PARK. San Joaquin Valley Mopars is sponsoring. It is ALWAYS a well attended event, with a lot of great Chrysler products ONLY.
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