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requesting advice on "challenger" education

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Three months ago, I received by 2010 SE. Although I've been driving for some 30 years and know the very basics of how cars operate, I have never actually performed more than routine elementary maintenence on my car (oil/filter, tire change, battery/air filter change). I'd like to learn more on my own by reading a comprehensive textbook which takes me from the very basics through a fairly in-depth knowledge of car function, diagnosis, and repair. I never intend doing my own repairs but I would enjoy knowing more about car functioning and how my mechanic would diagnose and repair common problems. A book with a great many diagrams and photographs is necessary. Through I have it pretty well down to 2 books. Either AUTOMOTIVE TECJNOLOGY: A SYSTEMS APPROACH by Erjavec or AUTOMOTIVE TECHNOLOGY: PRINCIPLES, DIAGNOSIS, SERVICE by Halderman. I can review either copy well since amazon shows only a few pages.I wounder if the group could comment on which book might be most helpful. Thanx.
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worry only about your challenger. buy the service manual CD. it has everything needed to completely repair your challenger. it has step-by-step diagnostic routines with full diagrams. this is what the dealer tech uses to work on these cars.

you can buy it from dodges website. it cost $120.

and if you wait, sooner or later the bootleg version will show up on Ebay for $5.
S/S Dodge couldn't be more correct on this issue. There are some issues that are universal, particularly if you are building a 1960's carburetor rod. However, only the basics port into the computer control system that is unique to the Challenger, courtesy of Chrysler. Activation of CAN modules, remapping the PCM etc. The only document available, without raiding Chrysler Engineering, is our service manual.

If you find books on how the Controller Area Network works, check the copyright date and make sure it is current and at the same time realize that you don't have the ability to activate most of these modules on your Challenger. The dealer needs the Starscan system.

BTW: Order the service manual ASAP. Every time they produce a CD they are gone in a week. It was only when I received my service manual that I was able to completely de-bug my supercharger installation. Invaluable!
drelli - I would REALLY REALLY take Matrix's advice - as far as I am aware - he has done more modifications to his SE than ANYONE!!! :thumbupleft:
drelli - I would REALLY REALLY take Matrix's advice - as far as I am aware - he has done more modifications to his SE than ANYONE!!! :thumbupleft:
Possibly true on the engine, but not on the electrical system. Tony ( S/S Dodge ) has waded through the nightmare of adding and deleting a huge variety of the CAN B modules on the Challenger. I did a lot of work with MM on the PCM as they had the dyno and CMR code. As unbelievable as it sounds I had to instruct my local dealer how to program in the Uconnect I installed. They didn't know how to use their Starscan (Morons charged me $50 bucks for using their techs time!)

However, Tony has done, what "they" (whomever they are) said can't be done.
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