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Had a great day last Saturday. Entered the 75 to present class at the San Joaquin Valley MOPARS show. That the one class fits all catagory where everyone with a MOPAR or part mopar gets to enter because we don't fit in any other group lol. Anyway, my car took second to a '79 Magnum.

Alot of nice shinny LX & LC vehicles in this class, so even though I lost to a 30 year old car, I came in first of the rest. Got a nice piece of wood(plaque) for the garage and a little more noteriety for the Challengers. I think there were 4 or 5 other Challengers along with 300's, Chargers and new Magnums.

Man, I know the new CHARGER shouldn't be a 4 dr BUT...if it was called something else and not CHARGER, it is a HOT piece of design art. I really like the lines and 4 doors be damned. It's a tuff looking ride. We can only hope that Dodge does something in the way of a 2 dr for this design...and calls it something else (Dart/Coronet R/T/Polara) and are all iconic names. Just not CHARGER for a 4 dr.
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