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Seeking opinions on taillight trim

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What do you all think about this stainless steel trim? 8 / 5.7L&pixbig=CHTI600.jpg

I photoshopped a pic to get an idea of how it will look on a silver Challenger.

It kind of looks like the SMS Challenger


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well i order the sms... dude i send pic to help you make a choice..
I think it looks especially good on a silver car.

I agree with Jax.. they will look good on my car :D
this is what i did for less than 30.00


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this is what i did for less than 30.00
What material did you use? And why isn't that pic in your garage :tappingfoot:
because have broken right arm since tuesday night

have pics -can't work camera to upload
Oh sure, blame it on a broken arm :neener:

Damn, that sucks. Not that I would know, having never broken a bone.... but I have gone without the use of a hand before - it ain't fun.

Rep points for not letting a broken arm keep you from posting :clap:
by way - all you need for own trim is aluminum stock/spray paint/chrome letters and 3m mounting tape from auto parts store - REAL easy to do

the broken part is a greenstick fracture of the radius :(
:eek:ldtimer: < Ghost

:rockout:< Big Mike (Soul)

Hey Ghost, where you get the letters for the rear lights? I wanna put Soul there.
they are available for 1.99 each at auto parts stores - being the original cheep parts sob that I am - got 15 ([email protected] GHOST) of them from Chinese manufacturer for 10.00 INCLUDING shipping!!!


ps check out the BOTTOM of the link I sent you for caliper covers - I have not seen anyone running the blue ones and they would look sweet on your silvder
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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