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September 2009 Dodge Challenger Sales Figures Released

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Chrysler has released sales figures for the Dodge Challenger and I must say there is actually a little something to cheer about. Last month if you remember the Challenger sold a poultry 1,132 units which had the enthusiast forums talking about the end of the Challenger. Well, this month sales have improved greatly to a respectable 1,778 units, still not Camaro

Sales of the
or Mustang numbers but an improvement to build on. Dodge Challenger for September of 2009 were 1,778 compared to 2,376 from September of 2008 showing a 25% decrease in sales from the previous year. Year to date Challenger sales are 18,878 compared to 8,443 for 2008, which is a 124% gain.

Month to Month sales were up quite a bit as August 2009 Challenger sales were 1,132 compared to September 2009 sales of 1,778 which is a 57% increase from the previous month.
Checking out the competition
Camaro sales were 7,961 while the Ford Mustang sold 4,917.
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but did you see over all sales for all companies?

yesterday on the news they were saying that
all the cash for klunkers did was get people to buy sooner
due to the fed money, month to month sales were down like
50% for gm and chrysler.
so the same effect as in europe when they did their govt
I think that's a small part... it may have got some people to buy sooner that would have bought a few months later, but it also prompted a lot to buy that wouldn't have been in the market then, or later.

People are just saving versus a new car payment.

"In 2007 the savings rate stood at 1.7 percent of aftertax income. That climbed to 2.7 percent in 2008, and in July — the most recent data available — hit 4.2 percent."
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