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Sequential turn signals?

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Anyone here have WebElectric's sequential turn signals?

I know there is some talk about them being too big of a draw on the electrical systems. But I think if that were the case, there would be many posts all over the web how they damaged this or that. Quite a few posts saying they will, but I haven't found one saying they did.

Anyway, mine are ordered and should be here next week.
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I only know of a few "bugs" in the early runs. Haven't heard of anything detrimental to the electrical system.

I Jason has some in his beast.
I was one of the group that picked up a sequential kit from Bo who made them himself as a cottage industry before WEB got theirs out. They have performed
for a year without an issue. I don't understand why some folks think a WEB kit will cause a high current drain on the output transistors in the PCM. This circuit is protected, like all by a fuse to prevent high current from shorts or other grief and the device itself is simply a solid state switch and timer which uses very little current. This isn't going to add much to you having your lights on and backing out with your foot on the brake and turn signal flashing.
Don't worry about it.
Same here. Got to meet Bo at the Temple run brother Matrix! Kid drove up from Austin just to meet everyone he had worked with on the forums, really great kid! Got mine same time, been running every since, no problems( knock wood-head)! Thats what's great bout this place, not so many theoretical lectures. You really have no choice but the web ones, as Drake's have unresolved issues so far as I can tell. The webs have evolved from time-out on some brakelights, I believe, and think they don't sequential on brake now but not sure. If anyones gonna cook their electrics, it'll be me or Matrix! So get em, worry bout something else, as it's a cool mod, real oldschool, Jerri makes me show em to everyone!
Thanks for the feedback guys. I really didn't think there would be issues but it's nice to be reassured by people you trust.
I have had 2 sets, sold my first set after the accident, wasn't going to buy another Challenger, but did... ordered another set...which I just sold to new local member, Lawrence treats his customers well, and has a great product, I'm ordering a 3rd set now with the smart brake setup for a future project, and again, Lawrence has come through with no issues.

3 members locally have them and no issues as well.
I ordered them on last Thursday and they arrived today. Put them in after work. Fairly easy install following the instructions.

This is a great mod. Aside from having the awesome looking sequential turn signals, you also get all eight bulbs lit for brake lights.
I have had mine for a couple of months and have not had any issues. I do put the car in neutral let off the brake from time to time if I am sitting at a long light and the road is flat.
Update: I have them installed and love them. No issues at all, either with the install or function.
I just received and installed my new "Smart" sequentials from Web last night, as usual, awesome product and I was as happy as a little school girl!!!
I added these to my wish/to-do list, thanks guys for the info. They're a cool mod at a reasonable price.
Update: I have them installed and love them. No issues at all, either with the install or function.
:wwop: or videos at least.:think:
:wwop: or videos at least.:think:
OK. So here they are installed on my Challenger. :neener:

whats the benefit of the new smart sequence? Brake lights all turn on right away, is this so people see your braking ASAP or is there another reason?
Yup. You get all 8 lights on at once. I imagine that before if you had your turn signals on, then hit the brakes, the turns would be sequencing, and then the brake light would sequence as it comes on. Now the turns sequence and then all 4 on the other side come on at once.

I think there used to be a longer delay as well.... I saw a video, and the third brake light came on much sooner than the brakes lights started sequencing on. Still a bit of a delay (you can see it in the video above) but not much.

P.S. not sure if they have that delay stock. Or if it just looks like a delay because the third brake light is LED and lights up faster. Or even whether the third brake light is LED or not :think:
I'd like to find a video of a stock setup applying the brakes.
Just wondering......... do your hazard lights blink sequential also?
No, hazards aren't sequential.
Really? Man thats just sad, as these have evolved to that! The originals did, so now they don't on brakes, or hazards but only on turns, well they should cut the price by 2/3rds then JMO!
evidently it is not legal to sequence hazards, many states prohibit it because it mimics emergency vehicles
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