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site banner #1

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this is the first one I have done, the 2nd will come later.

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excellent job dave, wish i lived there so i could join you guys.
we are tring to get something rolling up here, hopefully by spring
Looks great!
Truly a breath-taking shot of our club. It's only going to get better ladies and germs! Thanks for all your hard work and talent Dave :thumbupleft:

Looks good Dave....................
Say big Dave, you will definitely have to downsize the header to fit on the CCC site. I tried it on the site and you can see 2 of the 6 cars on it. I really need to hit up Gary's son-in-law to design us a workable site. I think Jason will like the pic I put up in the interim. :cool:

np, will downsize some more and send it to you.
sent another
Thanks Dave, it fit pretty good. Once we get a real website built, you can do lots of magic lol

I've been trying to get on CCC today and the server has been down. I'll keep trying, hopefully they can get it jump-started soon.

1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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