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Ok, so this is probably the prototype, but I think they really missed it as far as quality goes. There is a lot about the car that I love, but on a car that you are showing off to the press, it should be flawless.

I don't know if the fascias need to be redone, or if they were just mounted poorly...

The front fascia doesn't match the arc of the hood.
The front fascia has serious gaps - caulk gun anyone?
The rear fascia is off, in two dimensions, by what looks to be 3/8 to 1/2 inch.

WTF. Am I just overly critical, or are there just too many people that don't take pride in their work anymore?


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Maybe they were rushed ? That's unacceptable especially since it's their kit which they supposedly have quality control over?!?
I still love 'em though. :eek:ldtimer:

HAD to be a prototype with final fit and finish taking place in later molds. I am still ordering the rocker panels from them and the front splitters from C
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