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Anyone ever run with one of there cai? I stumbled on them as I was surfing. From the web site, looks like it can be totaly custom made.
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Alright, next weekend I'm doing a custom CAI. Basing it off the Frankentake. See how this goes. For now, it's time for another beer :drinkingbuddies:
:drinkingbuddies:Got ours through, awsome set up with shipping for $100.00.
Pep Boys carries this brand. I think they have quite a number of racing sponsorships, seems like a pretty good budget brand. I bought one of their couplers for their CAI systems to replace my Mopar one just for aesthetic purposes.
We have it at AutoZone too. You can even build one to suit your taste pretty cheap.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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