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being a Mopar owner practically all my life, I have always had one no matter what ever else i owned.
when i heard that Chrysler was probably heading towards bankruptcy
i decided i wanted a new challenger for a fun car.

i did some research and decided that the base SE had everything i
would ever want including more than enough power since i am out
of the drag racing stage of life.

i started hunting around and found the inferno red se that i was looking for at a dealer about 30 miles away and made the deal on april 13th
this was when they would still haggle on the challengers and i got it for
dealer invoice.
since then i have added the stripes i wanted, resonator elim kit and a go wing plus a few other goodies.

as i said, it is my fun car and now only has about 1350 miles on it, i use it for cruise nights mostly and the best part was being at a cruise on saturday night and seeing 5--- YES i said 5---- brand new camaros, they are becoming the dime a dozen car quicker than i ever thought they would.
Being a vol firefighter I knew I wanted red also.
I went back and forth I don't know for how long over Inferno or TorRed.
The inferno has a subtle, simmering, aggresive look but finaly decided on the POP eye catch of the TorRed
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