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I got my new Steering wheel badge in yesterday(THANKS NATE!!)

Just wondering how you get the old goats head off without taking it apart. I have heard that some just pop it off, but that seems scary.

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what i read on talk is you HAVE to remove the airbag otherwise you run the risk
of damaging the cover, airbag circuitry and possible the horn circuit.

"The airbag cover comes off with two nuts from the back of the steering wheel spokes, unplug the two airbag connectors and the horn connector and the airbag module and cover come free of the wheel. (of course, do this with the ignition off)

You push the plastic cover to free the holes from the metal tabs and the vinyl cover will lift off the airbag assembly. You'll need a pick tool and some patience to get those &#*@ clips off as they're on tight.

They're a lot like the clips that metal badges with posts used to be in the old days
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