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Still waiting...

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Ok, so here's my story so far.
I'm still in my current lease on an Avenger for another 16 months, as of this writing. I'd like to get out early, like I did the last lease, but with current market conditions, it wouldn't be pretty. So I wait patiently till the time comes to get my Challenger.

I'm no stranger to the Challenger though. In fact, I was able to take an '09 SRT 6 speed for a spin, months before they arrived at the dealers... It pays to live in southeastern Michigan - and doesn't hurt to have a sister employed at Chrysler HQ :D

I love to hear owners stories of when they first decided to get a Challenger.... and especially when the took delivery of it. So start your new thread and tell us all about your Challenger life up to this point.
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Well it all started with the wheel........ HA I will have to tell that one later.... on to the Tesla show I go!:D
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