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stock air filter tube

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I had talked with Jack about this over the weekend at the show , and I am thinking about doing this. Taking the stock rubber intake tube from tyhe throttle body to the air box and replacing it with on from a CAI. Of course I would have to build one. Since I work at AutoZone we have the parts that you can put one together. I would just have to measure everything and get the parts that I would need. plus I would have to drill holes in the tube for all the sensors.

Would you guys think this would be a good idea? :think:
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I can't think of a reason not to. :bigthinking:
Let us know how it works out. Working where you do certianly makes it do-able, I would think

However, for me I just ordered one from ARIA. It'll be a carbon fiber job, painted in hemi-orange with polished fittings & both a hemi-orange filter and a black filter. I have no imagination so I'll have to see which one turns out to be the every day filter and which goes on for shows. I'm a visual person, and not very mechanically inclined any longer, I guess. Can't wait to get it.
im not sure you would see a performance increase from it, but the customization
factor would be a plus, anything looks better than that damn tube....
this is something that I am going to toy with since we have the kit parts at Autozone.
We have the rubber tube attachments in blue, black, and red. Just got to take some measurements and see what I can put together. I know one of the tube has a place for the mas airflow sensor built in.
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