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SW Louisiana winter wonderland 2009

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As I stated in my other post, we dont get much of the stuff around here. And when we do get it , it stays about a day then it is all fun in the sun again.

So here is a series of photos that I took today on my way from the house to Alexandria to swap rims and tires with Jack again.

BTW, my doors and windows were stuck this morning. I had to pour water down at the base of the windows to get them to work.

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weather back to normal now, sunny ,with rain expecting tomorrow and for the next few days, it was fun while it lasted.
Damn, I always miss out on the fun stuff.
10 more days then it's adios Saudi. :waiting:
Damn, I always miss out on the fun stuff.
10 more days then it's adios Saudi. :waiting:
heading home for your 28 day rotation?
Yes indeed, until Jan. 14th. I actually only get 24 days at home. Gotta spend 4 of my days off traveling.
that was going to be my next question, how much of the 28 was actually in transit?
LOL.... so its 2 coming and 2 going
Yep! A normal travel schedule is like, I leave from Louisiana on Tuesday morning & fly to Houston. From there to Amsterdam & arrive at 7 am. Spend about 6 hours in the air port. Board about 1 pm & fly to Dammam Saudi, arrive Wednesday evening. Go to hotel & stay the night. Get up at 4:30 & catch a small bus or Suburbon for 2 1/2 hours to heliport. Fly out to rig.
Wheeew! that a lot of traveling. About the same going home. Leave rig Thursday morning & get home Friday evening.
Actually I love Amsterdam - always try to arrange three day lay-over when I am flying to/back from Edinburgh. Not for Needle Park area but for the SMORGESBORD!!!! (and the used bookstores).

Hard to drive downtown tho (without a scuba suit :))
Never left the airport in Amsterdam. After being gone for a month, I'm good & ready to see Louisiana. Maybe on day though.
it is worth it - girls are GORGEOUS - canalpass takes you all around for low bucks - and the FOOD!!!!!!
well, it started last night and went on during the day today. but about 10:30 it started to melt even though it was still snowing.

first off, this is the first time I have seen it snow here twice within 3 months. I have been living here since 1970.

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