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All you need is some links from different sites and common knowledge of breaking lug nuts before jacking wheel off ground, use wheel chocks etc. I did use a small block of wood too when I jacked up the front. Got some dust right after change but I think this was leftover on the rotor even though I did spray them down with brake cleaner. Make sure you have a punch and a small thin something to push the pins all the way out (I used a small hex screwdriver I have) and you install the brackets just like you removed them and punch the pins back in after tapping them flush from the back. I also retained the shims from the rear pads and put those on the new pads as some said to do this and helps make sure you have no squeal. The Hawk pads came with it's own anti squeal grease that I used as well.
Hawk pad Part nos. for 09 SRT.
Front HB563Z.656
Rear HB194Z.570

Links I armed myself with.

Jack points
(apparently won't let me link to that other challenger talk place...:doh:)

Chrysler 300C Forum: 300C & SRT8 Forums - View Single Post - Solution to the SRT8 brake dust, rotor scoring, and squealing problem
Solution to the SRT8 brake dust, rotor scoring, and squealing problem - Page 2 - Chrysler 300C Forum: 300C & SRT8 Forums

Tools I had to buy that I did not already have.
Got all from Harbor freight except they don't sell single sockets. Got that from Home Depot.

Nail punch
small handled hammer
1/2" 21mm socket
1/2" torque wrench capable of 100+ ft lbs (some people don't like the above cause they think it is to cheap but for an occasional use, I think it is fine but then again, what do I know!)
Wheel chocks
brake cleaner

Already had:
4 ton jack
small piece of wood for jacking
lugnut star with 13/16" or 21mm socket
nitrile gloves to protect from all the nasty metallic dust that is already there

I think that is it. I also cleaned and waxed each rim real good while I had them off for easier cleaning down the road. Hopefully this will help another guy out..
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